The War and Peace museum

From the occupation of Hvalfjörður, 1940-45
the unique and remarkable history of the occupation
period in Iceland 1940-45 unfolds at the War and Peace Museum.

Our exhibition tells the story of how a peaceful
countryside was transformed, in the context of
world events and its importance to the victory of
the Allies in World War 2. Here you can explore
our high-quality collection of artifacts and feel the
memories during this important time of upheaval.

During your stop, you can relax in our cozy cafe
„The White Falcon”.


The area

The Museum


The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located east of the Hlaðir Social Center. It offers changing rooms and a steam sauna in the basement.

Outdoors changing rooms are also available. The pool is 16,67 x 8 meters, you will also find a wading pool with a slide and two hot tubs.

A rental of the pool can be negotiated in connection with renting the house.

The Playground

The camping area

Hlaðir offers a large campground for tents, tent campers, travel trailers and caravans.

The area has separate facilities for emptying portable toilets.

The campsite has two barrel grills, a children’s playground and good toilet facilities.

Showers are also available and you can wash your dishes under the open sky.



„Hope for Peace“


A monument by the Russian artist and sculptor, Vladimir Alexandrovich Surovtsev, was unveiled on November 1st, 2017.

The title of the monument is „Hope for Peace“ and it is a gift from Vladimir Alexandrovich Surovtsev to the War and Peace Museum at Hlaðir, in commemoration of the sacrifices made by the sailors who participated in the allies‘ supply transports from Hvalfjörður to Russia during World War II.

The President of Iceland, Mr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, unveiled the monument at the War and Peace Museum along with Mr. Igor Orlov, the state governor of Arkhangelsk in Russia. A big part of the convoys between Iceland and Northwest Russia sailed between Arkhangelsk and Hvalfjörður.

5 years have passed since the deadliest battles occurred for the ships that traveled from Hvalfjörður to Russia. The convoys were a true multinational project. We Icelanders supplied the facilities at Hvalfjörður at the time, without them the Arctic convoys would not have been possible. It is therefore appropriate that Hvalfjörður will now become a place of reconciliation where people gather to commemorate.

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