War and Peace Museum

From the occupation of Hvalfjörður, 1940-45
the unique and remarkable history of the occupation
period in Iceland 1940-45 unfolds at the War and Peace Museum.

Our exhibition tells the story of how a peaceful
countryside was transformed, in the context of
world events and its importance to the victory of
the Allies in World War 2. Here you can explore
our high-quality collection of artifacts and feel the
memories during this important time of upheaval.

During your stop, you can relax in our cozy cafe
„The White Falcon”.


Address: Hlöðum, Hvalfjarðarströnd, 301 Akranesi (dreifbýli)

Phone: +354 433 8877 / +354 660 8585


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Address: Hlöðum, Hvalfjarðarströnd, 301 Akranesi (dreifbýli)

Tel: +354 433 8877 / +354 660 8585

Email: gaui@gauilitli.is

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